Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences:
the coordinated voice for Canadian Earth Sciences

The Mission of CFES is to be the coordinated voice of the Earth science community in Canada, ensuring that decision makers and the general public understand the contributions of Earth sciences to Canadian society and the Canadian economy

What is CFES - what does CFES do?

CFES/FCST was established in 2006 as the successor to the Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC). CFES is an umbrella organization of 12 Canadian member societies and 2 cooperative groups (the list of member organizations is here). Our constituency represents industry (minerals, hydrocarbons, environmental/geotechnical), government (Provincial/Territorial Geological Surveys) and Academia, in total, an estimated 20,000 Canadian earth scientists.  CFES/FCST also closely cooperates with 4 observer organizations.

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News & Events

Dec 2, 2014

Book Launches

Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada’s Geological Heritage and

Quatre milliards d’années d’histoire: Le patrimoine géologique du Canada

Books released in Halifax, Quebec City and Calgary

Nov 17, 2014
A letter from the president of the IUGS, entitled "Resourcing Future Generations” - explaining the status of the IUGS initiative is posted here.
Nov 12, 2014

The 2014 Fall Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences will be held in Ottawa on Friday November 28th (5-9 pm) and Saturday November 29th (8 am -5 pm).

Meeting location: Gendron Hall, room 080 in the Biosciences Complex (30 Marie Curie) on the University of Ottawa campus.

Oct 27, 2014

The CFES mentorship award recognizes an earth scientist from Canadian industry, academia or government. The award is given annually, provided someone who meets the criterion is nominated.

The sole criterion for the award is excellence in mentoring over a sustained period of time.

Guidelines and nomination process are included on the form at: CFES Mentorship Medal Nomination Form (also available in pdf version). Nominations are now being received for the 2015 medal - deadline 15th January 2015.
Oct 22, 2014

Today, the Honourable Derrick Dalley, Minister of Natural Resources, launched the Women in Mining Career Connections information guide. As the first publication of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador, the guide is a unique educational tool designed for students and teachers at the intermediate, senior high and post-secondary levels.

The information guide includes questions to consider when choosing a career in the province’s mineral resource industry and personal profiles of female workers. The guide also provides a diverse list of career options and other resources to support women with career and employment goals.

The guide is available at

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