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    History and Archives

    History of CGC

    The Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC) was formed in 1972 to develop closer coordination between Canadian earth science learned societies and professional associations. The Council resulted from a 1970 Science Council of Canada recommendation urging earth science community leaders to fulfill their obligations on national committees and ensure adequate funding for earth science through closer bonds and a national secretariat.

    In 1971, the Science Council of Canada Solid-Earth Science Study Group pursued this topic, concluding that a Council of Canadian Earth Science Societies should be established to provide advice to governments, and to perform functions needed for the development of the earth science professions in Canada. When the Study Group reported to the Senate, Senator Lamontagne remarked that there did not seem to be any organization that could speak for Earth Science in Canada. Study Group Chair Roger Blais then addressed the need for a council in his 1970 Geological Association of Canada (GAC) Presidential Address.

    Three exploratory meetings were held in 1970 and 1971, and associations initially were hesitant to form a council. Emerging federal arrangements for science planning and coordination at the time, however, caused some to feel a sense of urgency regarding development of a voice for earth science. A provisional Committee led by Duncan Derry therefore met with the federal Science Minister on November 5, 1971. The third exploratory meeting in December 1971 then achieved sufficient momentum, and CGC was officially formed at a meeting in Ottawa on February 6, 1972. The second meeting of CGC was held in Toronto on March 7, 1972, following a meeting of a steering committee which met in Toronto on March 5, 1972, to prepare a draft constitution and bylaws. The resulting press release stated that seven of Canada's leading national geoscience societies had accepted a constitution and by-laws, forming a co-operative group to be known as the Canadian Geoscience Council, with Roger Blais as first Chairman.

    Examples of early CGC documents

    CGC Historical Background (undated)

    Earth Sciences Serving the Nation, 1971

    Blais Presidential Address, 1970

    Minutes, April 19, 1970

    Minutes, September 1, 1970

    Minutes, December 21, 1971

    Minutes, February 6, 1972

    Minutes, March 7, 1972

    Minutes, April 9, 1972

    CGC Constitution, April 9, 1972

    CGC News Release, April 19, 1972

    CGC History, November 8, 1974

    Derry Letter, January 13, 1975

    Derry Letter, July 20, 1982


    2001 By-Laws

    Canadian Geoscience Council Archives
    - Stored at Canadian Archives Branch; Library and Archives Canada

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